Ice Hockey Betting

Ice hockey is a popular sport. Hockey was first played in the 1800s and the first-ever recorded public indoor hockey match happened in 1875. These days, it is a well-known sport, with millions of fans looking forward to watching hockey games tonight.

An ice hockey match requires 2 teams that must compete against one another. The match is played on an ice rink. There are 6 players on the team and they must all wear skates.

The “puck” – a small, round, metal object – must reach the rival team’s net and that is the whole purpose of the game. In order to achieve this goal, the players must be skilled, focused, and fast to go past the opponents and place the puck in the net.

Since hockey is such a loved game, people can also engage in ice hockey league betting. This offers fans more fun and excitement while watching the matches – but you also have the chance to win some money. At Vulkan Bet, you can get various odds to help with your ice hockey gambling.

Major Hockey Organizations

There are several hockey organizations that fans can keep their eyes on. Moreover, the International Ice Hockey Federation counts 74 members.

What’s more, the sport is played by people worldwide, whether they are amateurs or professional players. The major ice hockey organizations out there are:

  • The National Hockey League

NHL – short for National Hockey League – counts 31 teams. Seven out of these 31 come from Canada. The US prides itself on the remaining 24.

The pre-season for NHL starts in September. October marks the start of the normal season. This one ends in April.

The teams that are veterans in the NHL matches include the Montreal Canadians, Detroit Red Wings, Toronto Maple Leafs, and Boston Bruins. If you want a chance to win some money, you can place a bet on NHL hockey by visiting Vulkan Bet.

  • Kontinental Hockey League

The Kontinental Hockey League is up there in the top, close to NHL. It used to be called the Russia Super League, but it rebranded and changed its name in 2008. It presently has 23 teams in total. 18 of these teams are from Russia, whereas the remaining ones are each from a different country such as Latvia, Kazakhstan, Finland, Belarus, and China.

  • Swedish Hockey League

The Swedish Hockey League was established in 1975, so it has a bit of history backing it up. It is well-known and respected and it has 14 teams. The goal of this championship is to obtain the Le Mat trophy. At the same time, it features a promotion and relegation model.

Tips for Betting on Hockey

Placing hockey sports betting on VulkanBet is fun and, most importantly, safe. The odds you receive will ease your endeavors and strategies so that you can make the best decisions. Let’s not forget about the bonuses that increase your betting chances.

To perform ice hockey gambling on Vulkan Bet, you need an account first. Then, you should make your first deposit so that you can claim the welcome offer. After that, you must check the category dedicated to hockey so that you can pick your match/matches. Lastly, you must stake the amount to wager.

Popular Hockey Bets

There are different betting types you can go for your ice hockey bet. That being said, the ones that are most commonly chosen by users are total goals, moneyline, correct score bet, prop bets, spreads/puck line betting, live betting, and parlay bets.

Offers and Promotions

When you sign up on VulkanBet, you can enjoy the welcome package. Once you do that, you’ll be able to claim various bonuses for large sports events and championships. When you’re placing hockey bets, you’ll find various ice hockey tournament bonuses, so don’t hesitate to look for them. Join VulkanBet now for quality ice hockey betting!

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