Rocket League betting

Rocket League is a soccer sports simulator with elements of survival racing. Players control a race car in an attempt to score against their opponent. The team with the most points at the end of the match wins. The game was released by Psyonix in 2015. Supported platforms: Windows, PS4, Xbox One. The game features a multiplayer mode, from which cybersport competitions are organized.

Types of bets in Rocket League

Bookmaker VulkanBet accepts the following types of bets on the Rocket League:

The winner of the series is which team will win the series. The number of matches depends on the game mode: B5 (up to 3 wins) or B7 (up to 5 wins).

  • With handicap - a bet on the team, which starts the game with a positive or negative handicap. The bet is triggered if the advantage was larger or smaller than the value set by the bookmaker.
  • Betting on individual games - the outcome of an individual match.
  • Long-term bets on the winner of tournaments - which team will win the competition.
  • Total scored goals - how many goals will be scored in a series of games.
  • Total cards played - the number of cards played in the series.

When betting on Rocket League, take into account the distinctive features of this game, namely the dynamism and skill-dependence. The matches are fast as each half lasts five minutes. Take this into consideration when placing your betting odds. The shorter the match time, the less chance of confirming or denying a handicap. For example, a negative handicap on the favorite rarely works, because the leaders of the match simply do not have enough time to win back.

Major tournaments and leading teams

The main RL tournament is the Rocket League Championship Series. It is held by Psyonix every two years. The most recent event has a prize pool of over $1,000,000. Other tournaments include ELEAGUE Cup, RL Rival Series, Gfinity Elite Series, as well as ESL, MLG and DreamHack series events. Best known teams: The Peeps, Bull Send, NRG Esports.

How to bet on Rocket League

In cyber sports betting, it is important to understand the mechanics of the game you have chosen. The peculiarity of the Rocket League is the skill-dependence, i.e. the outcome of the match primarily depends on the level of team and individual play. In the pre-match analysis pay attention to the statistics of individual players and teams. Most cyber athletes hold online broadcasts (streams), from which you can get insights about the preparation and readiness of the team for the upcoming tournament.

To make a bet on the Rocket League at VulkanBet bookmaker's office, you need to register and log in to your personal account. When creating an account, you need to specify your phone number, email and pass verification. The last stage of registration is making a deposit. The balance can be deposited with e-money, a bank card, a cell phone.

After logging in, select the game in the list of eSports disciplines. You will see a list of current tournaments. Next to the name of the competition displays the number of upcoming matches, on which you can bet at the bookmaker's office. Next to the name of matches there is a list of available bets. Select one or more outcomes. For example, the total of cards played > 5. If 6 or more cards are played during the meeting, the bet will work.

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